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Honey-based wound cream for horses

HoneyHeel is a rich, soothing cream for horses that provides a protective barrier over minor wounds and supports the natural healing process.

It is formulated with raw honey and zinc oxide, two naturally active, antibacterial healing agents that promote the natural formation of healthy tissue.

The sticky consistency helps HoneyHeel stay in place, allowing the active agents to maintain contact with the skin. The addition of aloe vera enhances the soothing effect of the cream.

All of the ingredients in HoneyHeel are natural and have been chosen for their antibacterial properties or to enhance the consistency of the cream.
Bio-active honey - Raw honey has antibacterial and antifungal properties. We use specially selected honey for its excellent beneficial properties and slow crystallisation, helping HoneyHeel keep its smooth consistency for longer.

Aloe vera gel - A moisturising gel with antibacterial properties that also helps to slow the crystallisation of honey, helping HoneyHeel keep its smooth consistency.

Zinc oxide - A powerful but gentle antibacterial agent that fights bacteria and fungi and supports natural healing.

Can I use HoneyHeel in deeper wounds?

We do not recommend it unless your vet has approved its use.
Does HoneyHeel go 'off'?
No, HoneyHeel remains safe to use indefinitely but may require gentle heating to achieve the correct consistency.
Do I remove scabs prior to first application?
Only if your vet has told you to. After a couple of days of HoneyHeel application, inflammation has usually subsided and scabs soften, then it may be appropriate to remove them.
Do I need to wash HoneyHeel off scabby legs daily?
No, only if you think dirt is getting to the skin or the HoneyHeel needs to be reapplied for better skin contact. Too much washing may irritate the area.
My HoneyHeel has become grainy/solid what can I do?
The sugar in the honey has begun to crystalise, it can be liquified again with gentle heating. Placing in a warm airing cupboard for a day or so will often return it to its creamy state.
Will HoneyHeel increase the risk of sun burn?
No. HoneyHeel being bright, opaque white is actually a very effective sunblock.
Will HoneyHeel attract insects?
Surprisingly no. HoneyHeel has not been found to attract stinging insects and nuisance flies making it a very good way of protecting wounds in the summer.
Can I use HoneyHeel on other animals?
HoneyHeel has not been formulated for use on other animals so we recommend not. Zinc oxide for instance is toxic to dogs. If it is used on other animals it is very important that it is kept well covered to avoid ingestion in case that species is sensitive to any of the ingredients.

Clean application area and apply liberally. Clean area and re-apply as necessary.

Note: The natural ingredients in this product may cause it to crystallise. If this occurs, gently warm it and mix thoroughly until it is smooth and creamy.

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