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About StripHair™ for Horses


What are the daily and seasonal uses of the StripHair Gentle Groomer?

  • Remove loose hair
  • Sweep away dirt and debris
  • Remove dried mud from coat
  • Stimulate blood circulation
  • Massage muscles
  • Shed winter coat in early spring
  • Groom sensitive areas safely
  • Lather shampoo, slicks off rinse water
  • Erase saddle and bridle sweat marks after a ride
  • Clean mud and flakes from hoof walls
  • Remove build-up on the cannon bone and other areas
  • Distribute skin’s natural oils for a softer, shinier coat

Will StripHair remove the much needed winter coat?

StripHair only removes hair that is naturally ready to release and will cause no damage to the winter coat

Winter uses:

  • Sweep away dirt and debris
  • Remove dried mud from the coat and hooves
  • Warm the back and muscles before saddling
  • Groom to stimulate blood circulation for better health (especially when exercise is infrequent)

How do I use the “Gentle Grooming Edge”?

Hold at a 45-degree angle to:

  • Sweep away all loose hair 
  • Remove dirt and dander right down to the skin
  • Remove excess sweat
  • Squeegee excess water after a bath
  • Massage hard working muscles

How do I use the “Gentle Cleaning Diamonds”?

Large Diamonds - Use the large, flat surface of the groomer to:

  • Break up dried mud and sweat
  • Stimulate and increase circulation to the skin
  • Lather shampoo

Small Diamonds - Use tapered ends to:

  • Groom around eyes and muzzle safely
  • Groom around ears
  • Groom the legs, between tendons and all delicate areas 

What are the advantages of using a Gentle Groomer on my performance horses?

StripHair contours to your horse’s body and has a unique talent for pin-pointing soreness, which could be an injury or a precursor to one. The groomer helps you be just that much more attentive to your horse. Horses that feel good can perform at their best!

Do equine professionals use and approve of StripHair?

Yes! The Gentle Groomer has been put to the test by equine professionals for a full year prior to the product release, with excellent ratings. These experts in the field include large animal and equine veterinarians, farriers, sport-horse trainers, natural horsemanship trainers, breeders,  therapists and grooms--many well-known for their accomplishments.


Why is the “All-in-One” StripHair Gentle Groomer perfect for daily use?

  • Convenience: Betty’s custom design does the job of many tools-- a real time-saver
  • Comfort: The groomer is easy to use and gentle on your animal
  • Cleanliness: The rubber blend is non-porous, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal

Why is the patent pending Gentle Groomer better for the skin and coat?

  • No sharp edges or bristles that can harm the skin, create dander or dull the coat.
  • Flat-edge design applies even, gentle pressure to “pop” dirt, grit and dander to the surface
  • Stimulates blood flow for healthier skin and coat
  • Relaxes hair follicles so that the hairs lie flat
  • Distributes the skin’s natural oils for softness and shine

What is the StripHair Gentle Groomer made of?

Betty’s proprietary rubber blend was formulated to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus. The rubber’s unique grip is a product of a complex formulation for optimal performance, with just the right amount of softness for comfort.   

How does the Gentle Groomer remove hair utilizing a flat edge?

The material of the StripHair Gentle Groomer is a custom-blend of rubber that was formulated with an extra “grip” factor for removing loose hair, comfortably and effectively.

What are the unique features of the StripHair Gentle Groomer?

  • Flexibility: Conforms to the body and comfortably grooms bony areas
  • Size: 9-inch length is ideal for grooming medium to large-size animals.
  • Design: non-clogging diamond texture and grippy straight edge have many applications

How do I clean my StripHair Groomer?

For general cleaning, simply rinse with water or wipe with a dampened cloth. Mild soap and warm water or a disinfectant may be used to ensure contaminants are not passed on from one animal to another. Air dry.

What are the advantages of using the StripHair Groomer instead of a metal shedding tool or blade?

The Gentle Groomer will not fray hairs, which means a glossier finish on the coat. It removes dirt trapped beneath the hair without any need for harsh movements or sharp edges. Using the flat edge of the StripHair Groomer will not irritate the skin or create dander.  And, you can safely use The Gentle Groomer on sensitive areas like the face and legs.

Can StripHair replace other grooming tools?

Absolutely! The Gentle Groomer sheds, dislodges, removes, erases, warms, lathers, squeegees and massages. It’s an all-in-one tool that will simplify your grooming routine.