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Tocsen Crash Sensors


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The Tocsen helmet sensor - for anyone often out and about on their own. Whether on bikes, horseback or skis - be on the safe side during your outdoor adventures! Immediately after a fall, the sensor, mounted on the helmet, automatically alerts your emergency contacts via SMS (free) and the Tocsen app in addition to the rescue community in the area.

Travel alone in safety with Tocsen

 The Tocsen rescue community is your cross-sport, cross-brand first responder community. Cyclists, winter sports enthusiasts, equestrians, hikers, etc. help each other! By downloading the Tocsen app, anyone can become a member of the rescue community and a first responder, even without owning a Tocsen crash helmet sensor. And don't worry - if you fall and nothing worse has happened, you can give the all-clear from the app at any time.


  • In case of emergency, automatic location transmission via app and SMS
    For a smooth process, your emergency contacts will be notified via Tocsen app. Your emergency contacts without Tocsen app will receive an SMS with your coordinates and all other information. Entirely suitable for iOS, Android and Huawei and 100% free of charge.
  • Weatherproof and rechargeable with long battery life
    The battery in the Tocsen sensor is easily charged via micro USB. The sensor is also weatherproof (IP67 standard water- and dust-resistant). As long as you don't go deep sea diving, wind and weather won't be a problem for your Tocsen.
  • Fits on any helmet
    To retrofit the sensor, simply use the adhesive pad supplied to stick it to your helmet in any position you wish. We recommend you use the side/lower area of your helmet behind one of your ears.
  • Privacy and Data protection
    Privacy and data protection are our top priority! All data is encrypted on our own servers located in Germany. You also have the option to restrict or disable the Tocsen rescue community and other features!
  • Precise crash detection where it's important: on your head!
    At the heart of our fall sensor is a high-precision accelerometer that measures forces up to 200 G. This means it can reliably determine whether a fall has the potential to cause unconsciousness. And it does so where it's most important: on your head!
  • Rescue Community
    Cross-sport first responder community for fast first aid. To initiate the fastest possible rescue and first aid, other Tocsen app users who are nearby will be notified about your fall. No sensor is needed for joining - just install the free app, register and become a first aider!

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