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Tear-Aid Rug Repair (POSTAGE INCLUDED)


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1 x Tear-Aid Patch 15.2cm x 30cm that can be cut to size for instant repairs (+ 2 free alcohol wipes)

Please note: no tracking number available for postage as it's sent in an A4 envelope.

Tear-Aid is a unique transparent repair patch for repairing tears and holes in practically all materials. Tear-Aid is extremely strong and very elastic which makes it ideal for horse rug repairs. Tear-Aid is no temporary solution, it is a permanent repair patch which is ideal for rug repairs (cotton, canvas and synthetic).

Tear-Aid, the indispensable repair patch is:

  • extremely strong
  • watertight
  • airtight
  • very elastic
  • does not fade
  • very versatile
  • does not dry out
  • permanent
  • 90% immediate adhesive strength
  • 100% adhesive strength after 1 hour
  • can be used with temperatures ranging from -28 to +60 degrees Celsius
  • makes stitching a thing of the past
  • stretches and reshapes
  • can easily withstand tension without ripping or losing adhesive strength
  • prevents rips and tears from getting larger
  • easily cuts to a preferred size or shape

Always clean material with an alcohol wipe before applying Tear-Aid

Keep Tear-Aid out of children’s reach

Tears and holes: 

  1. Before proceeding make sure surface is completely dry.
  2. Use the alcohol wipe to clean the surrounding material.
  3.  Trim the Tear-Aid patch to the preferred size. For optimal attachment the patch needs at least 2.5 cm of coverage on both sides of the tear.
  4.  Preferably use rounded edges.
  5. Gently tear off about 1 cm of the protecting paper on the back of the patch. Stretch the patch a little to tear the paper.
  6. Position the damaged material.
  7. Apply the exposed adhesive side of the patch. Remove the rest of the protecting paper while in the mean time applying the rest of the patch to cover the tear.
  8. Press the patch firmly.  Follow the steps on the reverse side if you have access to it.  100% adhesion after 1 hour.


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