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Stable-Ised Equine PractiCAL (NO AFTERPAY)


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A calcium-concentrated, palatable, and grain-free vitamin, mineral, essential amino acid, and toxin binder balancer pellet specifically formulated for horses who are grazing on high oxalate pasture species and therefore have increased requirements for particular nutrients such as calcium.

Formulated specifically for horses who have a higher calcium requirement due to grazing on high oxalate pasture species such as Setaria, Kikuyu, Pangola, Buffel, Green Panic, Signal, Brachiara, and Para Grass. When fed at appropriate rates, Stable-Ised Equine PractiCAL may replace the need to feed additional calcium/phosphorous/magnesium supplements.

A comprehensive and highly concentrated source of vital vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids. For most horses, PractiCAL will replace the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids provided by premixed or complete feeds, powdered vitamin and mineral supplements, and balancer pellets. It contains a combination of chelated calcium and calcium carbonate.

PractiCAL provides a base amount of salt per serve, which may reduce the need to add as much loose salt to the diet for many horses at rest or in light work.

PractiCAL provides a base amount of Alltech Mycosorb A+ per serve, which may eliminate the need to feed additional toxin binders for most horses. Unlike clay and charcoal-based toxin binders, Alltech Mycosorb A+ does not pose a risk of binding with vitamins, minerals, medications, or de-wormers.


The recommended daily feed rate for horses at rest or in light work is 50-60g/100kg body weight. Please contact Stable-Ised Equine if you require specific supplementation guidance. Feeds with no vitamin and mineral additives can be added to increase digestible energy, protein, fibre, and fat intake as required by the individual horse. It is not advised to feed the recommended daily feed rate of this supplement alongside other vitamin and mineral sources due to the risk of toxicity and/or dietary imbalances. If large quantities of lucerne hay or chaff are fed, the daily feeding rate of Stable-Ised Equine PractiCAL may need to be reduced.


Stable-Ised Equine PractiCAL Vitamin and Mineral Premix, Lucerne Meal, Alltech Mycosorb A+, Oil, Antioxidants.

** Pelleted, Grain-Free, Low-Dose**

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