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Stable-Ised Equine PractiBALANCE (NO AFTERPAY)


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A palatable and grain-free vitamin, mineral, amino acid, and toxin binder balancer supplement specifically formulated to rectify the most common equine nutritional deficiencies and imbalances observed in forage-based diets of pasture and/or hay. Stable-Ised Equine PractiBALANCE is pelleted, making it easy to feed and hard for the horse to sift out of a meal. No more unpalatable and messy powders! Feed out of your hand as a treat for the easy keepers and rest assured knowing that they are receiving a high-quality supplement to take care of their base nutrient requirements.

Stable-Ised Equine PractiBALANCE provides a therapeutic serving of Vitamin B7 (Biotin), as well as high levels of Vitamin E which may work to further support hoof integrity and equines susceptible to metabolic conditions and laminitis. Stable-Ised Equine PractiBALANCE contains no added iron.

Stable-Ised Equine PractiBALANCE provides a base amount of Alltech Mycosorb A+ per serve, which may eliminate the need to feed additional toxin binders for most horses. Unlike clay and charcoal-based toxin binders, Alltech Mycosorb A+ does not pose a risk of binding with vitamins, minerals, medications or de-wormers.


The recommended daily feed rate for horses at rest or in light work is 20g/100kg of bodyweight (100g for a 500kg horse). Please contact Stable-Ised Equine if you require specific supplementation guidance. Feeds with no vitamin and mineral additives can be added to increase digestible energy, protein, fibre and fat intake as required by the individual horse. It is not advised to feed the recommended daily feed rate of this supplement alongside other vitamin and mineral sources due to the risk of toxicity and/or dietary imbalances.


Stable-Ised Equine PractiBALANCE Vitamin and Mineral Premix, Lucerne Meal, Alltech Mycosorb A+, Oil.

**Pelleted, grain-free, low feeding rate**

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