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Sole and frog conditioner 500ml

New label, new sizes, exactly the same product, ingredients and formula:
You will notice some changes to the labelling but don't worry this is exactly the same product that Red Horse Products have been making for years. They have updated the labels to meet labelling regulatory requirements. Meaning they have omitted some labelling elements that are not mandatory and added others that are. Red Horse Products still use the same quality ingredients in the same high concentrations!

Sole Paint thoroughly cleanses the underside of a horse’s foot. The powerful active ingredients work on the underside of the foot, toughen the hoof and support the natural growth of healthy frog tissue.

Sole Paint is a thick liquid that can be painted on for convenience and excellent coverage. Its thick consistency helps it penetrate into the deeper grooves of the foot.

Sole Paint is recommended for stubborn foot odour and discolouration, it also helps toughen weak horn tissues.


All of the ingredients in Sole Paint are natural and have been chosen to aid the condition of the sole and frog or improve the consistency of the product.

Zinc sulphate - A powerful, non-caustic antifungal agent

Bio-active honey - Raw honey has antibacterial and antifungal properties and a sticky consistency to help Sole Paint stay in place

Green French clay - An antibacterial clay that gives the paint its unique consistency

Natural surfactant - to hold everything together

Coconut oil - A gentle oil that has antifungal and conditioning properties and helps to create a paint-like consistency

Zinc oxide - A powerful but gentle antibacterial agent that fights bacteria and fungi on the foot and encourages healthy sole and frog growth

Eucalyptus oil - A highly effective antifungal and antibacterial essential oil that helps to toughen weakened structures

Natural preservative - To extend the life of the product 


Shake well before use as product may separate. Pick out and clean feet if necessary. Apply paint directly to the sole then spread evenly with a hoof brush over the sole, frog and into the lateral grooves. Re-apply as necessary or when feet are picked out. Once improvement is shown, re-apply weekly to keep soles healthy and strong.

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