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SHOWHITE Shampoo Toning Bar for DOGS


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SHOWHITE Shampoo Toning Bar for Dogs

A heavy-duty shampoo toning bar for white and light dog coats.

Introducing the new SHOWHITE Ultra Shampoo Toning Bar developed specifically for dogs! These bars have been concentrated with high-quality cleansing ingredients, designed to strip dirt, urine, grease and other stubborn staining out. These bars are highly concentrated, so we suggest only using occasionally for those truly stubborn stains. 

Ingredients of finely ground volcanic pumice, colloidal oatmeal, lavender essential oil, lemongrass oil, and lemon oil will leave a beautiful fresh scent, deter parasites, and help with fungal infections. Anti-microbial and plant-based formula with added optical whiteners will eliminate brassiness and leave your pooches hair silky soft, with a vibrant natural shine.

HOW TO USE: Apply the soap thoroughly to the hair by scrubbing with the massage bar until you get a good lather and the purple colour disappears, then rinse. Use warm/hot water for best results. Don't leave in too long before rinsing to avoid lilac tints. For an all-round shampoo treatment, we recommend washing first with the 'Naturally Shine' Kawakawa Bar.

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