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Relax Animal Bedding

Relax Animal Bedding


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Have you thought about trying the NEW Relax Nutrition Animal Bedding Pellets but you have never used an expanding timber pellet and you are worried it might be too hard?!

Relax Animal Bedding pellets are a byproduct of the timber industry and are 100% AUSTRALIAN sourced.

It is a great option for your stables, as well as super suitable for your cat litter tray or your guinea pig enclosure.

• eco friendly (compostable)
• dust-free, pine fragrant
• super absorbent
• easy to clean and maintain
• available in a 15kg bag for easy handling
• 100% AUSTRALIAN sourced
• cost efficient and available all year round

To use in cat litter trays simply add the non-activated pellets to the cat litter tray and remove faeces and wet spots daily. Add more pellets as required.

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