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NTR Styling Kit

NTR Styling Kit


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The NTR Styling Kit is a beautiful collection of NTR must-have styling tools.


  • Plait and Trim Scissors
  • Thinning Scissors
  • Quick Clamps
  • Sectioning Comb
  • Zip up case to store and protect the styling tools.

Plait and Trim Scissors: These beautifully sharp scissors are perfect for trimming tails as well as manes and for when you’re plaiting as well. Their gorgeous colour will ensure that you can always find them too!

Thinning Scissors: With a standard blade on one side and thinning teeth on the other, makes these scissors perfect for thinning manes.

Both scissors come with a Tensioning Screw and Gel Grip. Easily adjust the tension of your scissors to give you that perfect cut every time. The gel grips will give you more control with your scissors, however, they are easily removed if you prefer them without.

Quick Clamps: Brilliant for a range of show prep jobs including pulling up the plaited end of forelock braids, putting in false tails and making it easy to put in the NTR Plait Booster synthetic hair into plaits by holding the hair in place while you plait. Lovely and fine and 14cm long (not to mention gorgeous with the NTR signature rainbow metal), they won’t loosen your braid and ruin it. And with their locking teeth, they won’t drop the hair, false tail loop or Plait Booster hair until you’re ready.

Sectioning Comb: This strong, lightweight metal comb is the perfect aid for when you’re plaiting, banding and braiding. Strong but fine teeth make sectioning the mane quick and precise and the pickup tooth on one end makes picking up hair for forelock and tail braids easy.

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