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From the makers of the Equivizor Mask, Recovery Vizor and Solar Veil, there is NOW protection for your dogs! 


After Surgery and General Wound Protection

It is great to be able to help dogs after surgery recover in comfort. The  Novaguard™ protective vizor can help your pet during their rehabilitation.  It's an all-rounder offering a premium alternative to the Elizabethan collar (cone of shame).

The Novaguard™ prevents the dog from licking at his wounds or nibbling the bandages.

Ease For the Dog

Well, we all know dogs hate the cone of shame.  To be happy a dog must feel unencumbered.  The Novaguard™ has a slim form factor (not much bigger than the dogs head).   Your dog will be able to manoeuvre around just like normal.  Run, eat, sleep, play and get in and out of that doggy door too!


The Novaguard™ is made of polypropylene and is therefore strong and easy to clean.

Recovering in Comfort

The head rest has been ergonomically designed to form around the curvature of the dog’s head ensuring greater comfort and stability.  The entire unit moves with the dog’s head and doesn’t flop about, almost as if it were a cap.  The Novaguard™ is worn on the head, rather than around the neck and has its own integrated velcro neck strap. A separate neck collar isn’t needed which is especially handy if you have a breed with a longer neck such as a Whippet.

The Novaguard™ has a unique design that is supported from the top of the head, rather than the neck. The headrest creates a cushioned space between the dog’s head and the surface of the plastic cone, it clears the face and eyes allowing air to circulate. The Novaguard™’s plastic is firm and flexible.

Preventing echo, the ears sit outside the vizor! Yes, your dog can now hear, the way a dog should hear!  Not to mention no more yeast infections!


Just as dogs come in various shapes and sizes, so does the Novaguard™  It is available from a tiny size (puppies and teacups) all the way up to Large (Like a Newfoundland).  Please see the instructions on how to determine the correct size.

Ease For the Owner

Each size is colour-coded for an easy selection.  The Novaguard™ features a Velcro collar.  It’s a quick fit.  Adjustable at the neck, the sides and peel off points for length!

The Novaguard™
  • Is designed to protect the body
  • Doesn't require a collar
  • Is easy to fit and adjust
  • Is smaller than the traditional Elizabethan collar
Benefits of the Novaguard™
  • Moves with the head
  • Your dog’s ears are kept free
  • Reduced weight and is less cumbersome
  • Post-surgical protection during recovery
  • When fitted correctly the headrest should be about 1 1/2 inches (5cms) back from the eyebrows
  • Make sure the collar and chin strap are firm
  • Don't forget Trim Lines, but only trim if really necessary

To determine which is the best fit product for your dog, simply follow the sizing guide here.  Please follow the directions carefully and when in doubt size down.

Important note: When measuring for size, please use a straight edge and DO NOT follow the natural curves of the dogs face, or you are likely to oversize.

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