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NTR Pure White


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NTR Pure White is a silky smooth hybrid cream gel that is packed full of natural ingredients and is WATER AND RUB OFF RESISTANT once dry!  To get incredible blindingly white markings simply apply a small amount of Pure White with a sponge/cloth/brush to damp or dry hair and leave to dry. For easy results use on very short or clipped hair. If using on longer hair simply apply it, let it dry and then brush lightly for a natural finish. Pure White is the whitest and brightest white makeup product on the market.

TIPS: It depends entirely how you apply it and the look that you’re after. If you prefer a more natural look then it’s very easy to achieve... a damp sponge and apply it to damp white hair is the easiest way to get a natural look. Simply apply a little at a time and work in well to get an even application. 

If you prefer a heavier look, then apply more product to get your preferred look. 
Hot tip from the creator: I like to apply it, let it dry and then brush it out slightly (or apply the day before and then wrap overnight). Makes event day easier and gives a more natural look too.

Available in a 250g tub

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