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HSE Intensify Conditioning Mask Grey/White/Blonde 400ml

HSE Intensify Conditioning Mask Grey/White/Blonde 400ml


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Need INTENSIVE moisturising for that dry damaged mane and tail? 

HSE Intensify Hair Treatment Mask is a weekly treatment for dry, coarse and damaged hair. Intensify is a salon quality treatment mask specifically designed for equine hair that can be used weekly on even the roughest manes and tails.

It combines protective and nourishing ingredients that are proven to restore moisture, strengthen and rebuild the hair shaft and protect hair from the elements.  Intensify contains Vitamins, Keratin, Panthenol, Castor, essential minerals, Proteins and Amino Acids, Shea and Jojoba Butters.  Unlike many equine conditioners, Intensify is not loaded with silicone additives to provide a slick feel, rather, it feeds the hair by deeply penetrating the cortex while smoothing and sealing in moisture with natural ingredients making hair stronger, improving elasticity, increasing body and fullness, and more resistant to mechanical (eg; brushing) breakage and environmental damage.  

Intensify leaves hair smooth, soft and healthy with natural shine.  Ideal for keeping false tails in tip top condition.  Also a favourite with horse owners that have curly, colour treated, damaged & porous hair.

Partners with HSE Liquid Silk. Shampoo, treat with Intensify, apply Liquid Silk for daily maintenance.

Directions for use: Apply to clean wet or dry hair, leave on for 5 mins, longer if required for Flaxen/Grey hair, then rinse.

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