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Hidez Equine Compression Hood (ZIP/NO EARS)


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Hidez compression hoods apply compression to acupressure points, the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and endorphin release points in the horse's head and poll.

The use of the Hidez compression hood increases the blood circulation in the horse's head allowing more red and white blood cells, oxygen, vitamins and minerals to reach this area.  


Assists in the treatment of:

  • TMJ and poll issues
  • Sinus and breathing issues
  • Anxiety issues
  • Focus and behavioural issues

The entire ear area of the compression hood with ears is lined with a 3mm neoprene to reduce sound for noise-sensitive horses.

Use either hood under the bridle or halter during training or competition for a more relaxed and focused horse.


  • Stall weaving
  • Chomping of the bit
  • Head shaking
  • Cribbing

Relaxes and stimulates muscles, and alleviates stiffness, pain tension and discomfort.  Reduces swelling or inflammation.  

Recommended to be worn during floating, stalling, training and competition.


Masks fit based on the height of the horse. Hidez have found that horses that are right on the height of both sizes, tend to need to size down.

For example: Mare is 15H tall (60″), suggested sizing down to a small mask.
XS Horse (same as L pony) fits 13H-14H horses
S Horse fits 14H-15H horses
M Horse fits 15H-16H horses
L Horse fits 16H-17H horses

These items are compression and are designed to fit tight. Do not be afraid to pull or stretch the fabric to get the mask on. Once in place, adjust it to fit behind the ears and around the eye holes so it won't rub on the inside corners of the eyes or behind the ears.

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