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FIELD PASTE (Antifungal Sole Dressing)

FIELD PASTE (Antifungal Sole Dressing)


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New label, new sizes, exactly the same product, ingredients and formula:

You will notice some changes to the labelling but don't worry this is exactly the same product that Red Horse Products have been making for years. The labels have been updated to meet labelling regulatory requirements. Meaning they have omitted some labelling elements that are not mandatory and added others that are. Red Horse Products still use the same quality ingredients in the same high concentrations!

Field Paste is an anti-odour paste for horses which are mainly field kept. It has a thick paste-like consistency which offers greater 'staying power' as it remains in contact with the affected areas longer than other applications. This is designed to remain in the collateral grooves, central sulcus and on the sole for longer periods of time and continue having an effect against bacteria and fungi. At the same time, it helps prevent mud, faeces and other contaminants coming in contact with the hoof.

Too thick to be painted on, Field Paste should be applied with a gloved hand. For stabled horses, it is often better to use Sole Paint otherwise bedding gets stuck to the hoof and it is easier to apply, although a thin layer can still be used when stabled to prevent too much build-up!  Field Paste fights bacterial, fungal and yeast infections on the underside of the horse’s foot, helping frogs and soles stay strong and healthy.

Its ingredients promote the natural growth of healthy tissue, especially when rubbed well into the surface of the frog. The active agents also help the hoof and frog tissue to toughen without being caustic or damaging.

The thick, paste-like consistency allows Field Paste to stay in the deep grooves of the foot for longer than thinner solutions.

Field Paste is intended to be used on the hoof and frog, it is not recommended using it elsewhere in case it causes irritation.

Gloves are not necessary for personal protection (but do wash your hands after use) but are a good idea for keeping your hands clean as Field Paste is quite sticky.

For mild issues, regular use of Sole Cleanse is advised, once problems are cleared up this is easy to apply and inexpensive to use as a preventative. For more severe cases or where regular use is not possible, use Field Paste in turned out horses.  If you are unsure or your horse is stabled and on grass you are best to use a thin layer of Field Paste.

Pick out and clean feet if necessary. Make sure the foot is dry and smear Field Paste deep into the lateral grooves and onto the frog and sole. Re-apply as necessary or when feet are picked out. Once improvement is shown, re-apply weekly to keep soles healthy and tough. Use a thin layer rubbed in well if the paste is not sticking well or the horse is stabled.  

The natural ingredients have been chosen either for their antimicrobial properties or to improve the consistency of the paste.

Green French Clay - An antibacterial clay that gives the paste its unique consistency.

Zinc OxideA powerful but gentle antibacterial agent that fights bacteria and fungi and promotes tissue regeneration.

Zinc Sulphate - A powerful, non-caustic, antifungal agent.

Bio-active Honey - Raw honey has antibacterial and antifungal properties and makes the paste sticky.

Eucalyptus Oil - A highly effective antifungal and antibacterial essential oil that helps to toughen weakened structures.

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