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Digestive EQ


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Is your horse suffering from lack-lustre hoof or coat condition, excitable behaviour, restrictive movement, sour attitude, girthiness, or recurrent colic and laminitis?

These might be due to an unhealthy gut (both fore and hind). Digestive EQ is designed to support the digestive and immune systems of your horse. Its' unique formulation is designed to assist with foregut and hindgut digestion, inflammation and immune challenges. It also contains a mycotoxin eliminator to negate mycotoxins and help get your horse’s gut healthy again.

There are five active ingredients in Digestive EQ

  • Marine source of highly bioavailable calcium and magnesium which acts as an immediate pH buffer for the stomach and also provides nutrients which may assist with improving bone density and reducing excitability in horses.
  • Added enzymes to aid the digestion of starch from grain-based feeds in the small intestine, reducing the likelihood of undigested starch entering the hindgut.
  • Amino acids which aid in the protection and strengthening of the gut mucosa.
  • The powerful prebiotic feeds the fibre ingesting bacteria in the hindgut potentially increasing feed conversion from fibre sources within the diet and optimal production of B-vitamins and vitamin K.
  • Lastly, the dual-action mycotoxin binder, whose role is to bind, deactivate and eliminate damaging mycotoxins, which can be found on grains and pasture

What Makes Digestive EQ Different From Other Supplements?

There are so many supplements on the market. One of the reasons Digestive EQ was formulated was due to the frustration that many similar products on the market had only one or two modes of action or contained molasses, grain by-products or other sugars not suitable for some horses and other products which you simply didn’t know what was in them.

To support the digestive system, both the fore and hindgut, previously required using multiple supplements which was ultimately expensive and time-consuming.

My Horse Has Been On Long Term Ulcer Medication But I’m Not Seeing Much Improvement. Will Digestive EQ Help?

Most ulcer medications prescribed by veterinarians aim to restrict hydrochloric acid production (known as proton pump inhibitors) in the stomach. A reduction of hydrochloric acid secretion allows the stomach environment to somewhat neutralise and allow ulcers to heal. These medications only target ulcers within the stomach therefore if you are not seeing any improvement in your horse’s symptoms which may include girthiness, loose manure, poor performance, dull coat, weight loss and colic, your horse may also have further issues in their hindgut which remain unresolved.

Digestive EQ aims to support all levels of digestive health from the foregut to the hindgut. Remember to always seek veterinary advice when concerned about your horse’s heath.

How Soon Will I See A Result From Using Digestive EQ?

Horse owners who are trying Digestive EQ are reporting seeing improved behavioural changes in as early as 4-5 days, with horses appearing calmer and more settled.

Another noticeable improvement can come in the way of improved consistency of manure. Some horses that have been scouring for months have reportedly formed solid manure within days of using Digestive EQ.

In as little as two weeks, horse owners are reporting noticeable changes in coat condition and beginning to see improved top-line condition, particularly noticing filling out above the flanks around the loin area.

After 3-4 weeks people are consistently noticing significant behavioural, performance and recovery improvements, as well as improved feed conversion and a noted improved suppleness under saddle.

As your horse starts to get a better feed conversion, you may notice them putting on weight. You can then start to reduce the amount of feed you are giving them, which can lead to considerable savings in feed bills.

If you don’t see a result that quickly, don’t panic. Every horse is different with some taking longer to respond due to ongoing repair of mucosa and repopulation of healthy microbes, particularly in their hindgut. If your horse doesn’t have obvious outward symptoms of gastrointestinal upset, positive changes are going to be less obvious but can as subtle as improved hoof growth and increased immunity.

But remember, seeing the results is just the start. Supporting optimal digestion and the health of your horse’s gastrointestinal tract longer term with the correct diet in combination with Digestive EQ will ensure optimal health and performance into the future.

What Is The Feed Rate And How Long Will A 4kg Tub Last?

A horse weighing up to 200 kg has a daily dose of 45 gm per day which equates to 89 doses;

200-400kg has a daily dose of 95 gm per day (42 doses);

400-600kg has a daily dose of 130 gm per day (31 doses);

Horses over 600 kg have a daily dose of 195 gm per day (20.5 doses)

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