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CEN Ulcer Protect - Natural Gut Lining + Rebuild - 1kg

CEN Ulcer Protect - Natural Gut Lining + Rebuild - 1kg


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CEN Ulcer Protect is a unique natural formulation which may help reduce, heal and protect the stomach from the incidence of ulcers.  This all-natural, non-medicated formulation may assist with:

  • Healthy Gut Lining Support,
  • Ulcers Healing,
  • The Elimination of Ulcer formation in the stomach

    Available in:
    1kg - 33 Day Supply
    5kg - 166 Day Supply

    Feeding Instructions:

    Maintenance: Mix with feed 30g/day (1 full scoop) for 500kg horse. Can be split 15g per meal.

    Ulcers Present: Feed 60g/day (2 full scoops)


    A PROPRIETARY BLEND OF: Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides, Gelatin Hydrolysate, Fermented Legume by Lactobacillus delbrueckii lactis Rosell 187, Slippery Elm Bark, Live Probiotics, Organic Turmeric, Stabilised Linseed Meal.


    Ulcer medications (e.g Ulcerguard) turn down/block acid production in the horse’s stomach (proton pump inhibitor).  CEN Ulcer Protect does not inhibit the natural acid pump action. It helps protect and heal the stomach wall with high-quality ingredients without side effects.

    Stomach acid is vital for protein digestion and absorption of key vitamins and minerals such as calcium and magnesium. The acid in the stomach is also important as a barrier against micro-organisms and parasites in the environment entering further down the digestive system.

    Ulcers in horses can occur in the Foregut and Hindgut.

     CEN Ulcer Protect Product benefits in horses

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