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Balanced Equine Diamond V XPC

Balanced Equine Diamond V XPC


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Postbiotic Gut Support (TruEquine C/was called Diamond V XPC) is a proprietary strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast that can support:

Postbiotic Gut Support (TruEquine C/ was called Diamond V XPC) is a postbiotic. As a postbiotic, it contains the beneficial metabolites or substances released from the fermentation of fibre by gut bacteria. These support digestive and immune function, as well as nurture the gut microbiome and help it flourish.  A more robust and thriving gut microbial community is able to feed on and more fully digest ration feedstuffs. As a result, more nutrients, such as carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals become available. 

Confused about the differences between probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics? This article will help:
Saccharomyces products – which one do I feed?

XPC is the most concentrated form, more concentrated than Diamond V. 

Safe for laminitic prone or insulin resistant (IR) horses.
Postbiotic Gut Support (TruEquine C/Diamond V XPC) can be fed with any of the mineral mixes, Equine Amino, Hydrate Support and Mycosorb A+.
Postbiotic Gut Support is a nutritional supplement product for inclusion in horse’s feed. The product has no therapeutic effect and is designed to be administered in a feed for voluntary ingestion for horses.

Animal consumption only.


According to the manufacturer, TruEquine C (was known as Diamond V):

Growing and mature horses: 14 grams

Foals: 3.5 grams

Draft horses: 28 grams

1 metric volume tablespoon measure contains approximately 12 grams Postbiotic Gut Support.  This will depend on the density, and how tightly packed in the spoon.

Mix with feed. Ideally, divide the amount between meals if feeding more than once per day.

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