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StallBlaster 177ml

StallBlaster 177ml


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StallBlaster provides a highly effective, safe and affordable solution to drastically reducing or removing urine and manure odours

  • in the stable
  • outdoor stalls
  • horse floats/trucks
  • dog kennels
  • livestock pens
  • litter box
  • chicken coop
  • sweaty saddle pads

StallBlaster uses naturally occurring microbes that digest odour molecules.  It begins working immediately to knock down ammonia odours.  

For happy, healthy noses. And fewer flies!

As we muck the shavings or soil, we've all experienced the intense ammonia smell that burns our eyes, nose and lungs and forces us to move elsewhere to get fresh air. The toxic ammonia fumes from our horses' urine has plagued us year-round whether the horses are in their outdoor paddocks or inside their stable.​ And besides being seriously irritating to our noses, it's downright dangerous for humans and animals to be exposed to those ammonia vapours. Because ammonia vapour stays close to the ground, imagine your horse's discomfort while eating or lying down.  StallBlaster doesn't hide the odour but actually knocks it down by consuming the organics in urine, manure and perspiration that are the source of the smell. And with an 80:1 ratio of dilution with water, StallBlaster goes a long way.​

Its fragrance is super light and pleasant.  It's not there to mask odours.  StallBlaster starts working immediately.  Remember: it's safe for you, your family and your animals, as well as the environment.

Problem with flies?
Anywhere there's an odour that would attract flies, put StallBlaster to work!


Use 12.5ml per 1 litre of water and shake well to mix. Saturate the pee hole/spot with StallBlaster. Be generous with the first application.  For the first treatment, we recommend using a garden type watering can for best saturation of an existing "pee spot" in an indoor or outdoor stall. If the urine is on or under mats, be sure to treat these areas as well.  Please resist the temptation to flush out the pee holes with water before using StallBlaster because unless there's urine for it to digest, StallBlaster won't have anything to consume. It literally feeds on the organics in the urine thereby reducing/completely removing odour.  Thoroughly saturate the pee spot using the watering can or spray bottle every 5-7 days, or more frequently if needed. Re-apply after 3 days for heavily soiled areas.  For subsequent treatments, StallBlaster can be applied with a spray bottle or garden-type pump sprayer onto the urine-soaked area. It should also be lightly sprayed on stall mats and any urine-splattered surfaces, as well as on manure-stained areas. The StallBlaster solution is effective against not only urine but also manure, sweat and other offensive smells.  USE DILUTED STALLBLASTER WITHIN 7 DAYS.  Until diluted with water, shelf life is guaranteed for 2 years. 


When doing a complete muck (removing all urine-soaked shavings, bedding and manure), reapply a light spray of StallBlaster over all exposed surfaces, while saturating the pee spot, before replacing with new bedding.  Protect your container of StallBlaster (as well as the diluted solution you may have on hand) from freezing temperatures as well as temperatures above 43 degrees celsius. StallBlaster's microbes are 100% active in above freezing temperatures up to 43 degrees celsius. On either end of this spread, you'll start seeing the microbes slow down or stop consuming the organics. When temperatures settle back into a normal range, the microbes can start up again.  Keep the concentrate and/or mixed solution out of direct sunlight to ensure it stays within its active temperature range.  Use the StallBlaster solution in your horse float/truck as well, as ammonia odours in such a confined space are especially dangerous to your horse's respiratory system as well as your own.  StallBlaster will be effective anywhere you've got stinky stuff that needs freshening up, such as dog kennels, chicken coops, litter boxes, saddle pads, horse blankets and sweaty workout clothes.

177ml bottle makes approximately 14 litres

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