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Serene by Nature - Equine Balancing Cream


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Promoting calmness and focus ~ throughout every season

Is Your Horse High Strung, Nervous, Cranky, Spooky, or Suffering from PMS (Pissy~Mare~Syndrome)?

Do you wish you had a calm, focused, and happy horse?  Every day, for every ride, and at every event?  Your wishes can come true!  

Serene by Nature’s nutraceutical cream is the FIRST EVER BIO-IDENTICAL endocrine balancing support for equines.

Natural, Effective and Affordable

1 tube of Serene By Nature is a 3 month supply

This one of a kind metabolic formula was created to intrinsically balance equines during their regular seasonal cycles, which may benefit their attitude, performance, focus, and trainability, as well as breeding thru gestation.  For those looking for a holistic alternative to prescription synthetic hormones, or herbal blends that will test negatively (USEF and FEI Compliance), Serene by Nature topical cream is the best possible natural choice.

Supporting the endocrine system is essential to achieving optimal health and over all well-being, as the balance or lack of, directly effects every cell in the body and the brain. A healthy balance is a vital component for overall good health, attitude, performance, and a flourishing and stable reproductive system.

  • FIRST EVER Bio-Identical endocrine balancing support
  • May be beneficial for nervous, spooky, hard to handle horses, and mares with PMS
  • Helps to balance mares throughout all their seasonal cycles, promoting regularity
  • Can be advantageous for breeding and pregnant mares
  • No known negative side effects or drug interactions
  • Naturally safe alternative to synthetic drugs
  • One tube lasts 3 months
  • Unlike most herbal products – will test ‘negatively’ on competition horses
  • Easy topical application, no stress for fussy eaters
  • May be used on non-cycling equines as well

***Free measuring spoon and glove included***

Directions for applying Serene By Nature topical cream click here

For more information on Serene By Nature click here

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