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Proper identification during an emergency can help reunite you with your equine companion more quickly. Designed for 3-second attachment to an equine's mane (or tail if the mane is too short or too thin), ManeStay is your go-to method of securing your critical contact information in an emergency situation.

ManeStay is appropriate for use in fire, cyclone and flood - when fences may be down and horses are loose - for shelter-in-place, and for evacuation. While microchips offer excellent permanent identification, it's also important that your equine wears visible ID. ManeStay IS that product; it's safe, secure and highly visible, and it takes just 3 seconds to attach.

ManeStay weighs 1.7 ounces, and its stainless steel compression spring delivers incredible staying power. ManeStay's high-visibility yellow color, along with placement high on the horse's body, means first responders (emergency personnel or neighbors) will immediately see that the horse is wearing identification. ManeStay fold-out information form should be completed with an ultra fine point Sharpie® to ensure that the info is permanent as well as 100% waterproof. The form is secured with heavy-duty Velcro® closures. Overall length is 8.75 inches. In a field of evacuated horses, those with visible forms of identification will be the first to be processed and returned to their families.

  • 3 Second Safe, Secure Attachment
  • Highly Visible and Dependable
  • 8.75" Length;
  • Weighs 1.7 oz.Greatly
  • Increases Odds of Being Reunited
  • Designed with True Emergencies in Mind
About ManeStay's Heat and Flame Resistance:
  • The I.C.E. form itself is made of a CalFire rated flame resistant material.  The nylon strap melts at between 419° and 430°.
  • The polycarbonate material melts at 520°.  The metal parts are stainless steel.
  • A horse, mule or donkey's mane/tail will distort at 370º, which is a much lower temperature than any of ManeStay's components. If the hair is exposed to 370º or higher, the hair will disintegrate. Because the mane/tail hair at those temperatures becomes a fuel, ManeStay will drop to the ground well before any of the components begin to distort.  If the animal is exposed to these extreme temperatures, he is, unfortunately, in grave danger.
  • ManeStay will not contribute to fueling a fire while it is still attached to the animal.

Not for Everyday Use

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