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Idolo Tether Tie


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Invented by respected British horse trainer, Roy French, the Idolo Tether Tie trains your horse to tie up safely and confidently. It is made in the UK from high quality industrial nylon, making it strong, durable and rustproof.

The Idolo is perfect for training young horses or for horses who tend to pull back and break breakpoint tethers too easily. If the horse pulls back, the Idolo uses friction to allow the rope to release slowly but remain connected at all times, preventing the horse from panicking and providing steady pressure. The pressure can be altered by reversing the Idolo.

Experts will tell you that in order to train a horse to tie up safely, you need to teach your horse to yield to pressure and take a step forwards if he feels the rope tighten, rather than leap backwards. Plenty of us have witnessed a horse that is hard tied or tethered to baler twine, pulls back when spooked, then feels trapped as the head collar tightens, panics and tries to break free. The Idolo Tether Tie not only avoids that scenario, it uses pressure and release to train your horse the right behaviour.

You can choose to add a double-ended snap clip or screwgate carabiner to connect the Idolo to your hitching ring.

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