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Equidae - Hoof Care Solution

Equidae - Hoof Care Solution


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HOOF CARE SOLUTION assists with the management of hoof destructive pathogens commonly known as SEEDY TOE, WHITE LINE DISEASE and THRUSH.

It quickly absorbs into the hoof to assist in the elimination of fungi and bacteria that causes these hoof diseases. HOOF CARE SOLUTION is an antimicrobial and antibacterial surface solution that can be applied to the hoof wall, hoof sole and frog area of the hoof.

HOOF CARE SOLUTION must be applied to a clean and dry hoof, directly to the effected area. Apply a couple of drops once daily for the first week and there after 3-5 times a week until the infection subsides. The best results are achieved when used in conjunction with regular hoof trimming.

We guarantee our products are FREE from formalin, synthetic colouring and fragrances, harmful chemical additives and toxic ingredients.

Natural, Earth friendly products that are good for you and your horse!

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