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Copra Max is sourced from Energreen’s Copra crushing plant in the Solomon Islands.

It is made up of pure Copra Meal which is the protein portion of the whole coconut.

Copra Meal is protein and energy-rich comprised of approx 22/24% protein and 9/10% coconut oil.

Premium Copra Meal is the ideal choice for horses in light to medium work who do not require high-energy feeds. It is an excellent weight-gain feed that can be used to boost any pre-mix feed or fed mixed with chaff.

Energreen works together with 12,000 Copra farmers and the Lindt foundation to develop and maintain sustainable agriculture in the Pacific.

Copra-Max is an ideal weight conditioner for horses and the coconut oil in the Copra Meal ensures that the horses are naturally glossy and healthy.

Premium Copra Meal is best fed as a wet mash. Introduce into your horses' diet gradually over a two-week period. It is recommended that Premium Copra Meal be fed with a complete mineral supplement if used as your horse’s base diet.

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