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Amelia Strivens

**We welcome back Amelia Strivens to the 2017 Sponsored Rider Team**

2017 is Amelia's final year at school, and she is looking forward to finishing so she can focus on her horse archery. 

Amelia's riding ambition in 2017 is to hold or improve her 2016 4th position at the National Horse Archery Championships. This year they will be in South East Queensland in July, and although she could still compete as a Junior, Amelia will again compete in the advanced adult class. The week before she is booked into a training bow camp with two time world champion Norbert Kopczynski from Poland and she is saving to attend.

Amelia says she will be working on her all round horsemanship skills with weekly lessons, extra clinics when she can access them, and general horse knowledge and care through her stable hand job at Crystal Cascades Horse Park.

Once Amelia graduates she is planning a trip to Europe to visit family and arrange some more training. She would then like to work towards owning her first horse, and she can’t wait to begin such a special relationship.


***We are so pleased to introduce our latest Sponsored Rider Amelia Strivens***

The 17 year old Peace Lutheran College student is the current Australian Horse Archery Association's National Junior Champion.
The sport requires archers to fire arrows at three targets while riding past them on a horse. Training is all about muscle memory, and to stay on the horse while you're using a bow and arrow you need to use your core strength.
Amelia discovered the medieval sport three years ago when she attended a clinic held by horse archer Katrina Kruse. She had already been riding for quite a few years by then.
Amelia started off learning ground archery which has taken quite a few years but is still learning.
Amelia is taking her shot at becoming horse archery Champion at the National Championships which is to be held in Perth this weekend. This year is her first ever competition against adults.
“It would be pretty awesome to win, but there is some hard competition out there, and you never know where you'll end up,” she said.
She said her preparation for the competition involved hours of archery on the ground and horse riding.
Amelia also works part-time at Crystal Cascades Horse Park in Cairns as a stable hand.