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About Supa-licious Equine Treats

Supa-licious Equine Treats are created from quality ingredients by owner Rebecca Supple at her home in QLD in Dec 2014 for her beloved horse Champ.  Rebecca is the daughter of legendary Horse Master, Ray Winslade (dec).  Having grown up in the Australia film industry, horses are certainly in her blood.  Having tried many different treats on the market, she was not sure they were what she was looking! 

So, after lots of experiments in her kitchen (some not so good) and her family saying 'is there anything for dinner'!! She came up with the texture, smell and most importantly 'healthier' option ingredients based on coconut that she was looking for!

The treats are firm enough to put in your pocket and not hard. They smell delicious and are made from all quality ingredients - Yummo! They are user friendly for the owner and delicious for the horse!  A treat even the owner wished they could eat... Super excited with her creation and the fact Champ loved them too, it was decided they would be called Supa-licious Equine Treats!

Supa-licious Equine Treats is a family owned and operated business, with Rebecca actively involved in every aspect of the process to ensure their premium range of treats are just as she created them to be - delicious, yummy bites of goodness made from the finest quality ingredients!

Another fantastic product from Supa-licious Equine Treats is the Supa-blend GOLD.

Supa-blend GOLD combines the well-known benefits of Turmeric, Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Oil and Honey in one beneficial animal supplement. 

This carefully formulated blend of wonderful ingredients makes Supa-blend GOLD an ideal supplement for your horse, dog or cat.

The Supa-blend GOLD supplement may assist with common conditions such as 

  • allergic skin conditions
  • stomach ulcers
  • arthritis
  • inflammation
Supa-blend GOLD provides all the benefits of turmeric supplements, coconut supplements and more in one easy product. A blend of the very best that nature has to offer!


“Supa-licious have shared with me their process in developing Supa-blend Gold. The level of research and sourcing of quality raw materials provides a genuine product for animals to support their wellbeing."

Catherine Bird 

Author - A Healthy Horse the Natural Way


Suggested Feeding (Guide Only):

Horses: 30ml daily (450kg horse) in feed, adjust as necessary.

Dogs: 5ml daily (25kg dog) in feed, adjust as needed. Recommended to start slowly over a few weeks until 5ml is reached.

Cats: 2 ml daily – diluted with water (8kg cat) in feed, adjust as necessary.

Turmeric (Curcuma Longa)

Turmeric contains the active ingredient curcumin which is reputed to be an anti-inflammatory, reducing the impact of overloaded inflammatory pathways in the body. It may assist with different diseases including allergies, arthritis and inflammatory skin conditions, insulin resistance, and blood flow in the body. Animals fed curcumin have had a reduction of blood cholesterol levels ( LDL fraction) and blood triglycerides and phospholipids when elevated are associated with the disturbed lipid metabolism. As a second stage detoxifier for the liver, turmeric protects the liver from inflammation and elimination of residual toxins from drug therapy and stress. Ground Black Pepper to assist activating the bioavailability of the curcumin.

Coconut Oil 

The nutritional and antimicrobial benefits of coconut oil increases muscle glycogen storage - Saturated fats such as those found in coconut oil are more effective at enhancing muscle glycogen storage than the unsaturated fats. Coconut oil contains MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) which are easier to digest, absorb and convert to muscle energy than the long-chain fatty acids found in other vegetable oils. By improving gut health the body is assisted with its own anti-viral and antibacterial protection mechanisms.

Apple Cider Vinegar

May act as a natural antibiotic, increase joint function and balance pH levels -acid/alkaline ratio in the body. Also widely known for its benefit in preventing arthritis and improving joint movement along with helping to oxygenate the blood to maintain suppleness and mobility throughout the entire body.


Honey consists of enzymes that may enhance the digestion of foods, mainly carbohydrates. Honey is known as a natural prebiotic, and the consumption of honey may help gut health through increasing bifidobacteria populations.
Supa-blend GOLD is a complementary animal supplement product. Not for human consumption. Consult a veterinarian if your animal is on any medication or if you would like general advice before using this product.


As raw products are used, we advise that the colour, texture and smell of the product may vary between batches.

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