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About Essential Wrap™


Essential Wrap™ is a one piece bandage which is very flexible, breathable, non-slip and also has a built in wound dressing and is applied without adhesion.

Essential Wrap™ is a much safer, more efficient and most importantly, cost effective way of bandaging animals.   It also helps overcome other common issues experienced with traditional bandaging such as, pinched tendons, restriction in movement and bandage burns.

Essential Wrap™ was specifically developed to not only bandage common areas such as tendons, canon bones, fetlocks and pasterns, but its innovation lies in its ability to bandage difficult and often impossible areas such as knees, hocks, and coronet bands. Amazingly, this unique and exceptional bandage, can also adhere to and cover flat areas, such as injuries to hind quarters, necks, shoulders, etc. allowing the wound to heal more efficiently, free from flies, dirt and dust. 

To bandage a knee or hock for example, would normally take a large amount of cotton wool or Gamgee, as well as up to two rolls of a self-adhesive bandage, which can become quite expensive over the course of the injury. In addition, the time taken to use this method is much greater, compared to the efficiency of bandaging using Essential Wrap™ with its state-of-the-art technology.    The other major benefit is that Essential Wrap™ requires less frequent changing, therefore reducing scarring, speeding up healing time and saving money.

The best way to really understand the benefits of this revolutionary bandage is to simply use it.    The industry feedback so far has been overwhelmingly supportive. Everyone that has used it has preferred it over traditional bandaging. This is a long overdue product, which I know will save you time, effort and money while increasing productivity.

Q - How long can I leave Essential Wrap™ on for?
A – Essential Wrap™ can stay on for up to 4 days, however it is best to seek veterinary advice if you have any concerns.

Q – Can horses be worked with Essential Wrap™ on?
A – Yes, Essential Wrap™ is not just a wound dressing but can also be used to support joints, tendons etc. during periods of work.

Q - Should I use antibiotic creams under Essential Wrap™?
A - Yes, either natural or synthetic antibiotic creams should be used under Essential Wrap™, particularly if the wound is drying out.

Q – Can Essential Wrap™ be used on other animals?
A – Yes, Essential Wrap™ has been designed for all animals.

Q – What colours are available?
A – Essential Wrap™ is available in Red, Yellow, Black and Blue.

Q – How sterile is the Essential Wrap™?
A – Essential Wrap™ has a hospital grade built in antibacterial pad. All packaging has been sterilised.

Q - Why is it important to rub the bandage after I put it on?
A- The friction caused by the rubbing motion of your hand/fingers on the bandage, activates the glue thereby making the bandage stay in place longer.