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ManeStay (4 Pack)


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Proper identification during an emergency can help reunite you with your equine companion more quickly. Designed for 3-second attachment to an equine's mane (or tail if the mane is too short or too thin), ManeStay is your go-to method of securing your critical contact information in an emergency situation.    

In an extreme emergency such as fire, flood or cyclone, when every second counts, ManeStay (Patent Pending) is your go-to method to quickly, safely and securely attach VISIBLE identification to your horse.

ManeStay can be seen from a distance, further assisting in your equine being quickly identified and returned to you.

IMPORTANT: Even if your equine is tattooed, freeze branded or microchipped (all excellent forms of permanent identification), unless the person who finds your equine has the tools to read the chip, brand or tattoo, there will likely be a delay in getting your animal identified and returned to you.

ManeStay provides immediate access to your contact information.

ManeStay weighs 1.7 ounces, and its stainless steel compression spring delivers incredible staying power. ManeStay's high-visibility yellow color, along with placement high on the horse's body, means first responders (emergency personnel or neighbors) will immediately see that the horse is wearing identification.

The ManeStay fold-out information form should be completed with an ultra fine point Sharpie® to ensure that the information is permanent as well as 100% waterproof. The form is secured with heavy-duty Velcro® closures. In a field of evacuated horses, those with visible forms of identification will be the first to be processed and returned to their families.


  • 3 Second Safe, Secure Attachment
  • Highly visible and dependable
  • 8.75 inches overall
  • Heat and flame resistant*
  • Weighs 1.7 oz
  • Greatly increases odds of being reunited
  • Designed with true emergencies in mind
  • Your critical contact information is permanent and waterproof
About ManeStay's Heat and Flame Resistance:
  • The I.C.E. form itself is made of a CalFire rated flame resistant material.  The nylon strap melts at between 215°C and 221°C.
  • The polycarbonate material (the yellow ManeStay body) melts at 271°C.  The metal parts are stainless steel.
  • A horse, mule or donkey's mane/tail will distort at LOWER temperatures (Approx. 188ºC), which is a much lower temperature than any of ManeStay's components. If the animal is exposed to 149ºC or higher, the hair will disintegrate. Because the mane/tail hair at those temperatures becomes a fuel, ManeStay will drop to the ground well before any of the components begin to distort.  If the animal is exposed to these extreme temperatures, he is, unfortunately, already in trouble with burns and/or smoke inhalation.
  • ManeStay will not contribute to fueling a fire while it is still attached to the animal.


    Not for Everyday Use

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