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HSE CoolGroom Hi-Performance Sport Towel (Twin Pack)


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Ultra soft and cool, the CoolGroom HP Sport Towel is a premium quality synthetic (PVA) non-woven towel with an extra tough mesh core that has been treated with Anti-Bacterial coating and a special mould inhibitor.  With proper care this towel is exceptionally durable and will have a very long and useable lifespan. The CoolGroom Towel is packaged in a tough ziplock bag which you can keep to store up to 4 towels and keep them soft and pliable.
SO versatile, this amazing towel has 100’s of uses around the stable and home.  It has many advantages over cotton and microfibre woven materials, number one being that dirt, hair, grass, burrs etc do not embed in the towel…so important when using material around horses and pets!  Compare the size of this towel to cotton and microfibre, CoolGroom saves space in the tack box or when travelling and reduces the washing load.

CoolGroom can absorb 12x its own weight in water and dries coats and hair fast. It eliminates dust, removes sweat and shedding hair without having to hose your horse or pet.  This towel is magic for slicking coats when combined with HSE Hot Oil Coat Conditioner.
Perfect for summer, the CoolGroom Towel stays up to 8 - 10 degrees cooler than ambient temperature making it incredibly refreshing for both horse and rider on hot summer days.  The CoolGroom Towel can also be used as an emergency cool wrap for injuries or bites/stings etc.

The CoolGroom Hi-Performance Sport Towel really is the perfect grooming partner for the stable and tack box!

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